Award winning products to launch down under

Winning an award is always a great honour and winning two prizes is something most brands can only dream, of but that is exactly what happened to Marcus & Marcus at the Hong Kong Smart Design Awards in April.

Both its bath toy series and Amusemat won the bronze medal, picked from more than 500 other products.

Marcus & Marcus managing director, Stanley Cheung, says that winning the awards is a big encouragement for the brand.

“It means they are more than just products, we are glad that Marcus & Marcus can provide a better solution for parents and their little ones.”

Only launched two years ago, the kids’ product label has already made waves in the international market.

According to Cheung this is because the company sees what is currently available in the market and then tries to come up with a better option for the little ones.

“Marcus & Marcus is developed by two parents who share a love for their children and unique modern designs,” he explains.

“The brand was inspired with contemporary lifestyle in mind to make our products appealing to parents’ sense of style. The bold, bright and engaging colours keep your child engaged and interested to make our products a must-have baby item.

“Marcus & Marcus products also make for great gifts for parents to be… Stress and chaos comes with parenting, but there is also absolute joy and reward in watching your child grow. While your children are learning, creating and growing, Marcus & Marcus will help you take on the challenges of parenting and simplify the everyday chaos.”

The brand’s award winning bath toy series has a detachable design, which lets the products air dry to avoid mould growing inside.

“We understand parents are always horrified to discover mould lurking inside the bath toys as mould can cause respiratory, allergies and other health problems but it doesn’t mean babies and toddlers should be forbidden to play with bath toys.”

In addition, some of the bath toys feature a temperature sensor, which means part of the bath toy colour will fade away when touches water above 45 degrees.  They are also dishwasher and steriliser safe, which is a big plus for busy parents.

Amusemat is a kids’ plate designed like a playground where food can be put in the sandbox or rolled down the slide. The concept definitely helps to increase a baby’s appetite, adds Cheung.

“Baby-led weaning simply means letting your child feed himself from the very start of weaning. [A lot of research] shows the advantages of weaning at around six months. Therefore, it is important for babies to explore textures and tastes through play.”

Next Generation Homewares is the brand’s Australian distributor and director Gail Bouchaud is looking forward to introducing the new products at the upcoming August gift fair.

“We are very excited about the range, it’s started to receive some real positive interest, and we are looking forward to realising the Amusemat plates at the AGHA Melbourne Gift Fair,” she says.

“We are very confident this new item will generate lots of interest. The whole range is fun, colourful, practical, ecofriendly and very well packaged. The products make a wonderful gift, and you can be confident you’re buying a quality, well priced and functional product.”

By Marion Gerritsen

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