Babies by Barr launches to trade with new range

From personally sewing each item at her dining table to supplying retailers across the country, Babies by Barr founder and creative director Jessica Cox has come a long way since launching her business in 2013.

Cox and her husband Daniel Barr were initially inspired to start the business after having a child and finding most bibs to be too rough and ineffective. Four years on and Cox’s inspiration still comes from her children.

“Our days are full of fun and energy, be it playing dress ups, roaring like lions, jumping in muddy puddles or having tea parties,” she says. “I take inspiration from these simple things; they all contribute to my designs.

“I have three young, very energetic and adventurous children, so trying to run and expand my business whilst inspecting their latest art creation or attending to a disagreement has been a challenge, but I wouldn’t change a thing.

“Seeing how they tackle new challenges or approach different situations provides me with inspiration and allows me to design products to keep up with their rough and tumble lifestyle.”

As the business has grown, the brand continues to design and manufacture its baby products, which include bandanas, bibs and burp clothes, in Australia.

“I’ve made a conscious effort to retain our entire operation onshore,” says Cox. “We feel this preserves the quality Babies by Barr prides itself on, while supporting Australian workers.”

Babies by Barr launched to trade at Life Instyle Melbourne with a new range of bandana bibs, complete with white pompoms for added style.

“While some brands see bibs purely as a bland necessity, we see them as an accessory and something that can complement your child’s outfit, all whilst keeping them dry and comfortable,” says Cox.

“We will continue to focus on expanding our range of custom products, all whilst trying to put a smile on our little wearers’ faces.”

By Ruth Cooper

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