Child’s play: we’re talking all things kids in our latest digital issue!

Kids’ products have gone through some major changes over the last 20 years or so. The evolution of technology has certainly impacted the toy industry with children as young as four playing games on their iPads instead of playing board games with friends.

This is just one trend we have noticed in the baby & child category, which is this digital issue’s focus. On page 18 we look at technology versus traditional―does one cancel out the other or can they co-exist?

Another trend dominating the baby & child sector is matching kids’ furniture to the home décor. No more cluttered spaces and ugly coloured play boxes, today it is all about natural and pastel colours. Also, besides being practical for the littles ones the design-led pieces look good as décor and fit in with the overall home ambience. Read more on page 22.

Before a toy ends up on your store’s shelves there is a whole process it goes through, starting from an idea all the way through to production. On page 8 we talk to toy designer and creative director of Indigo Jamm, Mike Reeve, about what is involved and where he gets his inspiration.

Toys are a great gift for kids at any age, however, it can be tricky displaying them in your store in such a way to make sure you reach the right audience. On page 14 we look at 4 life stages you need to know about, so you can be prepared with the perfect play recommendation.

Social media is an integral part of many businesses’ marketing strategies, reaching a wide audience instantly on a relatively small budget. In this issue we share some social media tips on how to get the maximum result and boost your bottom line.

This edition also includes the latest products for babies, kids and mums-to-be; a beautiful and innovative new children’s space featuring a fitout that combines design with functionality and best practice; gorgeous window displays from baby and child stores around the world, and some of the best baby gifts that will fly off your shelves.

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