Check out our latest Candles & Home Fragrance digital issue!

Research shows sales of candles are influenced by scent, colour, cost and shape with fragrance being the most important. Using the right fragrance in store will create an emotional connection with your customers, boosting that all important bottom line.

In our latest digital magazine, with a focus on candles and home fragrance, we look at the science of smell and how fragrance can help you increase your sales on page 10.

With the gift fairs starting this weekend in Melbourne we preview some of the exhibitors that are all about candles and home fragrance. You can find out more on page 18.

Packaging is very important as it says all about the brand you are selling, whether it is a luxury item or more for the masses. Think outside the box, care about the environment, or go crazy with bold and bright colours. Especially in this industry products need to stand out on your store shelves. Read more on page 24.

When Urban Rituelle launched in 1999, little did owner Leanne Haining know that 18 years later she would have her products in more than 1000 stores Australia wide as well as in countries such as the US, Japan and New Zealand. Find out more about this inspiring business on page 26.

Don’t miss visual merchandising tips from some the industry’s most successful suppliers and wholesalers to help you maximise your store sales and boost your bottom line. For more visual inspiration go to page 12 to see how stores around the world display their products.

We have also picked some of the latest candles and home fragrances for this issue’s product pages, which you can find starting from page 36.

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