Elizabeth Hurley lights up Ambiente

Ambiente had a royal visitor today with Queen Helena from TV show The Royals walking the hallways of the popular trade fair in Frankfurt.

Elizabeth Hurley, who plays Queen Helena in the popular series, is the ambassador of partner country the UK and had flown over specifically for the show.

Hurley says she felt inspired by all the products she saw, in particular the golden dinner service and artistic vases made by the renowned Meissen porcelain manufactory. However, innovations and classic products by Waterford Wedgwood, Portmeirion, Khala and Rösle also got her attention.

“The range at Ambiente is amazing,” she enthuses. “I love power shopping. But so many different styles, shapes and structures―wow! Now I know what a trend factory looks like from inside.

"A home that is not only beautiful but underlines its inhabitant's personality is a source of inspiration. As an actress inspiration is one of the key elements of success to me. So I was super excited to check for table top, decoration and gifts at Ambiente."

Detlef Braun, member of the executive board of Messe Frankfurt, explains Hurley was the perfect fit for Ambiente.

“[Ambiente] is a design and lifestyle show and that is exactly what Elizabeth Hurley is all about―she is an actor, entrepreneur, top model and with her background and lifestyle it makes her the perfect candidate,” he says.

Hurley started her own beachwear business, Elizabeth Hurley Beach, when she was lying on a boat complaining about the bikini she was wearing. As she had just had her son and was looking for something other to do than acting that didn’t require too much traveling, the idea for her own collection was born.

“Ambiente was a very interesting experience, especially meeting some of the smaller companies and to see how they are working the trade fair, writing orders, etc. I might even have got some tips.”

The next partner country for 2018 is the Netherlands.

By Marion Gerritsen