Siconi enters Australian market

Milner’s Brand Marketing has launched new stationery brand, Siconi, to Australia because of its uniqueness and fun concept.

Brand marketer Jade Miliona says they found the brand appealing because of its modern twist on everyday organising.

“The innovative technology that Siconi has developed and used is new and different to other products on the market,” she says. “Its washable adhesive can be reused over and over again, while your valuables are kept safe and in view all the time.

“We loved the fun concept behind the brand, its selection of product, is engaging and easy to use. It appeals to people of all ages, from the very young to the very old – there is something for everyone.”

The Siconi product range is made of a soft and elastic silicone material which can be placed on any flat surface without leaving scratches or any sticky residue. You can use the Siconi sticky pad, sticky animos and sticky strips to hold your mobile phones, iPods, business cards, coins, sunglasses, keys, CDs and other knick knacks, adds Miliona.

“It’s a fun alternative to post it notes, paper clips, double sided tape, traditional bookmarks and grip pads.

“We have had a great response to the Siconi selection in Australia. Our retailers have identified the uniqueness of the Siconi range, and the fact that there is no other product like it in stores – which makes it easier to sell through to their customers. Additionally, customers have commented on the functionality and the unlimited use it gets in their homes, car and office,” she adds.