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8/348 South Pine Road
BRENDALE, Queensland 4500

DARLIN is a family owned and run business that has been in operation since Feb, 2009. Its range has over 800 SKUs across a variety of products ranges. DARLIN is the preferred supplier to over 1,700 Australian businesses and large retailers.

Our current Brands:
DARLIN Acacia Wood One piece timber (no joins/no splitting)/ecofriendly, sustainable timber/does not easily chip, break, stain or retain odours/food safe
DARLIN Capiz Made with a shell discarded by sea molluscs as they grow/shells are collected, cleaned and used to make our fabulous wall arts
DARLIN Clay Made of high quality terracotta clay/hand shaped, designed & decorated/sealed internally for water
DARLIN Decor New range includes Australian Collection wall clocks, vintage themed table clocks, antique propellers, candle holders and plantation themed wall art
DARLIN Driftwood 100% authentic driftwood - not manufactured/hand assembled by skilled artisans/perfect for inside our out
DARLIN Metal High quality recycled aluminium that has been inlaid with a variety/range includes keyrings & ornaments
DARLIN Xmas Authentic driftwood Xmas trees, stars, wreaths and so much more
Our current Agents:
Phil Lawson (Director)
Mobile phone: 0437 043 759
Fax: 07 3205 7007