4 tips to get your store ready for Christmas

With the silly season knocking at our door, it's time to get festive and buckle down ready for Christmas trade.

Pip Brett from retail store Jumbled shares some tips to get you, your staff and your store organised before the craziness starts.

Stock, stock and more stock

If you don't have it, you can't sell it. Trust your instincts and top up your inventory well before you need it. If you have an online store, remember that you'll need to allow time for postage so customers will be finishing their Christmas shopping much earlier than they would in store. Be prepared and have the stock sooner than December.

Tis the season, so look the part

I don't mean hanging tinsel from every free spot, or blasting the Christmas music in November. This isn't the time for minimalism, if you have the stock get it out. Your shop should look lovely and full, with lots of options.


The busy season can be exhilarating, if you're working with the right team. Making sure everyone has clear tasks and responsibilities to keep the wheels rolling smoothly. Perhaps that means designating your faster staff to the counter and assigning particular team members to keeping the shelves topped up. Now is also a good time to brush up on your gift wrapping.

Have fun with it

It's no secret that retail thrives in Christmas so as exhausting as this season is, have fun with it. Your enthusiasm is contagious so if you get excited by your products, it's sure to start a fire with your customers too. Take the time to show new arrivals to your staff―get them excited too and the products will just fly off your shelves!