5 key trends to watch in 2020

Do you know how trends happen? There is a continuous analysis of macro shifts that are driving large-scale cultural change. Over time, these macro shifts impact consumption patterns, product preferences and belief systems, which result in trends.

In the early stages of these developments, innovative businesses, brands, technologies, early adopters and social movements―called ‘indicators’ of change―begin to appear, visibly signalling the growth of new consumer needs.

These large consumer and cultural trends are filtered down into actionable product direction, marketing concepts and visual strategy recommendations. The big ideas are turned into product and retail environment updates and evolutions to align with consumer attitudes and expectations for the new seasons.

Let’s have a look at 5 key trends for 2020 identified by UK agency Flamingo.


Fun filled rainbow palettes of block colours that bring modernity through mid-tone brights. Varied hues are achieved through mixed material densities. Key colour neo mint adds to a positive and fresh start for 2020.


Powerful pigmented florals are grounded with soft brown leathers. Florals add deep intensity of reds, oranges and purples, clashing with acid lime, tempered with soft peachy coral. A fantasy garden that both soothes and excites the senses.


Minimalist luxe in a subtle palette of neutrals, greens and blush. Chic details and textures add sophistication to the everyday. Smooth, circular forms soften and create a tranquil environment.


A late afternoon, relaxing natural theme with touches of glamour. Dappled sun warmth and cool shade colours are juxtaposed in the raw fabrics, rich prints and smooth pale marbles and concrete.


New interpretations of traditional materials and techniques for a new decade. Aged and natural patterns are hyperreal in blues and bright greens. Organic print and textures layered on to geo shapes give a bio-futurist look.

Images: Top Drawer