63 per cent of Australians plan to shop local this Black Friday

For independent Aussie retailers, Black Friday is increasingly becoming one of the biggest days in the annual shopping calendar.

More than 12 million Australians are intending to shop local during this week’s one-day shopping bonanza, according to a YouGov survey by Vend.

While Black Friday (29 November) has always been more an American event, last year independent Australian retailers earned $3,082 on average that day, compared to a daily estimate of $1,261.

"Foot traffic increases greatly surrounding Black Friday and the lead up to the holiday season,” says Karla Mathieson, marketing manager at bul.

“Customers are consciously preparing for the coming festive celebrations and gift giving on the horizon. They understand quality over quantity and the value of an item made to last and are thankful for the Black Friday sale to ease the financial pressings surrounding this time of year.”

Shoppers spent a total of $10,668,714 on Black Friday last year, which equates to a whopping $22,226 ringing through tills at independent stores.

Vend research shows that homewares, cosmetics and men’s clothing had the highest increase in sales last year. As consumer habits are changing, shoppers today prefer a more unique and personal shopping experience.

“While Black Friday has traditionally been synonymous with large US retailers, we have observed that there has been a growing cultural shift towards shopping independently on Black Friday in Australia in recent years,” comments Dave Scheine, Vend managing director of APAC.

“The increase in the amount of customers and money generated by independent retailers over the last few years is proof of the changing habits of Aussie consumers.

“Today, shoppers are placing a far greater emphasis on local high streets and retailers who offer bespoke products and unique in-store experiences. With campaigns such as Buy from the Bush in New South Wales, we’re seeing growing momentum and sentiment for supporting local retailers.

“These independent retailers are the small business across Australia that add a diversity and charm to our high streets.”