A gift within a gift from Let’s Grow Plantable Cards

Kristy Mary was trying to find a way to sell her art in a sustainable way when she launched her business five years ago.

“I started off as an illustrator and artist and while I was doing my research into sustainability I came across plantable paper and that is how my business Let’s Grow Plantable Cards was born,” she explains.

“It fits in well with my values about leading a sustainable life and doing the right thing for the planet and I also get to showcase my work in a really nice and beautiful way.”

So how does it work?

“The paper is handmade in Australia using recycled paper. The seeds are embedded into the paper during the making process and then once you gift the card to somebody, they can soak it in paper, put it into the soil in either a pot or the ground and then they can grow. It takes about seven to 21 days for it to germinate.

“It’s a gift within a gift—you’ve got the card and the seeds to grow the plant or flowers all in one. The cards feature different plants such as bottlebrush, swan river daisy and oregano. It’s all about the story and I try to stick to Australian flora and fauna as these seem to be the more popular themes.”

Showcasing her card collection at the recent Life Instyle fair, feedback to both her art and the cards themselves has been amazing she says and retailers such as newsagents, bookstores, boutique stores and health food stores are now stocking her range.

The cards retail for $9.95 and Mary is excited about the future, looking to expand her collection as well as moving into overseas markets.

“I have a few new things coming up as well as different types of packaging. I’m planning to expand into New Zealand, Europe including the UK and Ireland. I have an Irish background and I would love to go there and give back to the community in a way.”