A new spin on pet fur with Love of Weaving

What do you get when you combine a love for animals and weaving? A company called Love for Weaving, which creates unique, ethically sourced unique pieces.

Founder Dalia Holsman says Love of Weaving came about from her passion to be creative, reconnect to her inner child and add colour to her home.

“I remember as an 11 year old, attending my first class in weaving,” she explains.

“The art room was filled with cones of wool, silk and cotton, all in such beautiful and vibrant colours. That day, I created my first piece of woven art; a little rug.

“Little did I know that 45 years later this memory would reignite my passion and lead me to once again immerse myself in creativity and to play with so many colours and textiles.”

Holsman looks at the opportunity to work with fur as a tribute to the animal it came from. “This is why I only ever work with ethically-sourced fur, usually gently combed from the animal or collected after grooming.”

Her latest project is the huggable snuggle bunny cushion, made of real rabbit fur, which is part is part of a range of specialist weavings Holsman creates for fellow animal lovers, which include the collected shed fur from rare and unusual animals from all over the world. Many of these beautiful creatures have been rescued and are protected in rescue shelters, where the sale of their naturally discarded fur helps keep the shelters running and saving other endangered animals.

“I know that the purchase of shed or combed fur that would normally be thrown away is helping save other animals. It is difficult to weave animal fur but so worthwhile to create the pieces I do as I get to remind others how incredible these creatures are by creating one-of-a-kind creations for humans to enjoy.”

She also works with ethically sourced furs from exotic creatures such as Vampire Deer from Nepal or the Himalayan Marmot, while she can also create one-off pieces using a client’s collected pet fur.

“It’s a comforting keepsake for its devoted owner. Every piece I weave is a labour of love. Depending on the animal’s fur, it can take a day to spin enough for a cushion, for example, as it must be blended with another fur such as cashmere and Angora. Once I have the yarn, it can take up to 15 hours to weave.”

By Marion Gerritsen

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