Alcoholder moves into candles with new Tipsy Wicks range

Alcoholder, which is known for its quirky drinkware, showcased its latest range, Tipsy Wicks, at the Sydney Gift Fair.

The alcohol-scented candles come sealed in beer cans and according to founder, James Boardman, buyers absolutely loved them.

“Buyers at the exhibition have been going nuts for these new products as they are something that is so unique that people haven’t seen before—and who doesn’t love a candle,” he enthuses.

“If you have ever wanted to crack open a hot one this is your chance, but I wouldn’t recommend drinking it as you might have some problems.”

Driven by a ‘moment of lunacy’, the team at Alcoholder came up with the idea for Tipsy Wicks last year when the pandemic was still creating a lot of havoc.

“About six months ago, during the worst period of Covid last year, we were sitting in the office with a lit candle and looked at the rest of our Alcoholder range and thought, wouldn’t it be great to be able to combine the two,” says Boardman.

“So then we worked out how to do it and we did it. We use a 330ml beer can with a full aperture lid so that when you crack the lid, the entire lid comes off the product.”

There are six candles in the range (RRP $34.95) including Mint Mojito, Champagne and Strawberries, Pina Colada and French Vanilla Bourbon.

Exhibiting at the Sydney Gift Fair for the first time, Boardman says the actual order values have been a lot stronger than anticipated.

“The expansion of our range is also a factor, but we have seen somewhere in the vicinity of 30 per cent increase in order value. Maybe the shelves are empty, but we have found that people are definitely ready to buy.

“We have seen approximately 70 per cent new buyers and 30 per cent existing buyers. We are seeing a lot of newly-born home-based businesses as well as interest in a lot of personalisation and branding for individual orders such as initial on a cup or names on a tumbler rather than corporate events that have dwindled by comparison,” he adds.

“We are about to take delivery of a laser-etcher so we can do more of this type of personalisation for our customers in-house.

“Overall, it has been a very pleasant experience and there have been no issues for us whatsoever. The amount of support from AGHA is difficult to match and you will definitely see us back again.

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