Ambiente 2020 product highlights

Ambiente 2020 has come to a close and there were plenty of new products and trends to discover. Below are just some of the trends and products that caught our eye.

We've had the sloth which is still going strong, however, there is a new animal in town, the monkey. Expect to see a lot more monkey business over the coming months!

Skulls are trending and not just for Halloween. They are used as decorative items as well as kitchenware. Watch this space!

The hydration trend is still going strong, especially with the focus on sustainability and eco-friendly products. This concept stood out as it uses a scent pod to make you think you are drinking a flavoured drink but are actually drinking natural water!

There are still lots of gold, silver and copper hues around in both kitchenware and homewares. Also, the black and white contrast seems to be getting a lot of interest.

Flower motifs are definitely popping up everywhere, perfect timing with spring in the air for the European continent. 

This product caught our eye, it's very gimmicky and a great gift for many occasions. By squeezing the material you can change the facial expressions.