Are you looking for cool kitchen and home gadgets?

With the increasing popularity of the smart home and higher standards in the kitchen, Ambiente featured a special display called Solutions, which focused on innovative and creative ways of dealing with everyday issues. 

“If the things we do in our home environment work smoothly, then that's half the battle won,” explains London-based industrial designer Sebastian Bergne.

“And if the utensils we use are well designed and nicely shaped, they'll even add a fun element to our chores.” 

For Solutions, Bergne selected 26 products, all of which are of real benefit to the user. “I am particularly keen to ensure that function and design are aesthetically compatible.”

One of the items was the kitchen composter by Plastika Skaza. The Bokashi Organko 2 is an innovative composter that goes straight in the kitchen. Even if you don't have a garden, you can still take part in composting organic waste. The fermented liquid is ideally suited as a plant fertiliser, and the composter is designed in such a way that no unpleasant odours can escape. 

Of all the cookware, saucepans usually take up most space in the kitchen. However, help is at hand with Mystery by ELO, a set of three different-sized saucepans that can be stacked on top of each other, complete with lids. Each lid is tilted a little so that it fits into the saucepan. The handle of the lid can also be folded, so that all three saucepans fit nicely inside one another.

The fish holder from LMW Leichtmetallguss was also selected for the Solutions display. To cook fish in the oven, simply put it in the fish holder. The fish is cooked evenly on all sides, shortening the overall preparation time, and the holder has a spice channel through which the fish can perfectly absorb the aroma of the spices. The fish can also be served in the holder in an upright position.