Aussie brand Ekoroo to donate Black Friday profits to charity

With Black Friday promising to be a shopping bonanza, Ekoroo is giving shoppers the opportunity to spend consciously and make a difference this Black Friday.

Over the Black Friday weekend, the sustainable lifestyle brand will be donating 100 per cent of profits to Australian charity Every Little Bit Helps (ELBH).

Through collecting toiletries and having created care packages filled with essentials, ELBH provides necessities to those in need including people who are homeless, asylum seekers and victims of domestic violence, as well as troubled youths through women’s refuge, homeless shelters, youth centres, asylum centres and community centres.

“We are really hoping that Black Friday shoppers recognise this opportunity to make a purchase over the weekend that not only does wonders for the planet, but one that will also make a massive difference to people’s lives,” say Ekoroo founders Vivian Castelino and  Zoe Shabodaghi.

Ekoroo, previously known as Eco Shop Co, offers a wide range of eco-friendly products from personal care items, zero-waste kitchen must-haves and reusables for on-the-go.

Castelino and Shabodaghi want to encourage Australian shoppers to spend their money more thoughtfully and take the opportunity to make a difference through their purchases this holiday season.

“Every Little Bit Helps is an incredible charity with an inspiring purpose. We really think that it would have been a missed opportunity to not make use of the excitement and high sales of the Black Friday period and create some sort of initiative that benefits those who need the support more than we do.”

With over 350 locations Australia wide, ELBH have donated over 1,250,000 items, and over 65,000 care packages to Australians who need them most, making a significant impact on their lives. Unlike many other charities, every single dollar of donations received by ELBH goes directly into supporting people in need, which is why Ekoroo decided to reach out to the charity for Black Friday.