Aussie cutlery brand celebrates 90th anniversary

Stanley Rogers is turning 90 and is celebrating with a social media campaign to get Australians involved in the festivities.

The ‘What’s On Your Fork?’ Insta campaign celebrates Australia’s rich and diverse cuisine culture. The campaign encourages Australians to share their family history through photos of meals that are an important part of their culture, highlighting the importance that food plays in providing comfort and a link between generations for millions of families across the country.

“Stanley Rogers is a true Australian immigrant success story and one of many millions of Australians whose family started their lives elsewhere before coming to Australia,” says Greg Doyle, brand and product manager, Stanley Rogers.

“Today, as a truly multicultural society, food is tied very closely to so many things―family heritage, memories, feelings and emotions that are often hard to describe, but mean the world to us.”

By sharing images of ‘What’s On Your Fork?’ to Stanley Rogers’ Instagram account ( and using the hashtag #WhatsOnYourForkAustralia, consumers can share in a wide variety of prizes. Each week (starting this week)  for six weeks, Stanley Rogers will be giving away multiple prizes of cutlery, cookware and knives to the best images and engaging stories, culminating in a grand prize.

“Today, perhaps more than ever, food is both our comfort and our opportunity to share with others our family’s culture, and the stories of success and struggle that so many families have gone through. ‘What’s on your fork?’ is perhaps the best way we can celebrate 90 years of Stanley Rogers given his own personal journey and the role our iconic cutlery has played over the years in the kitchens of Australians from all walks of life.”

“We hope that people will be open to sharing a bit of themselves, their favourite food through a recipe that could be anything from a family recipe handed down over generations, to a recipe that marks a certain significant time or milestone, to just an easy everyday go-to recipe that feeds your soul. We want to celebrate Australia's rich food culture and we want you to help us bring it to life.”

The campaign will launch with a Stanley Rogers recipe and with several high-profile influencers sharing their own family’s story and signature dish including actors Dan Ewing and Kat Risteska.