Australian Made Week enters its second year supporting local business

Australian Made products are now more important than ever as consumers are encouraged to support small businesses by buying locally made products.

Running for its second year, Australian Made Week is held from 6 to 12 June 2022, highlighting the makers and growers that are boosting the local economy, particularly in a post-pandemic climate.

Australian Made Week ambassador, cook, lawyer, TV presenter and author, Adam Liaw, says that buying Australian Made comes with a feel-good factor as you’re making socially, economically and environmentally responsible purchasing decisions with far-reaching benefits.

“We are absolutely spoilt for choice in Australia as we have the best products in the world, manufactured and grown to the highest standards right here in our own backyard,” he says.

“Covid reminded all of us that we need to think and buy local—and move away from reliance on imported goods—if we’re going to have manufacturing self-sufficiency and reliable supply chains, ensuring we can obtain products we want, when we want them.

“As a passionate supporter of local industry, I’m so excited to be part of this campaign. My view is it’s a no-brainer to choose Australian Made when you can. When you do, everyone wins—be it through job creation, consistent supply of consumer goods or just getting a top-quality product.”

Liaw is urging consumers to seek out and buy genuine Aussie products bearing the trusted green-and-gold kangaroo logo to support the country’s makers and growers, as well as safeguard against access and supply issues highlighted by the pandemic.

“To get involved in Australian Made Week, when you’re making purchases—whether it’s flowers, woks or socks—go for Australian Made and spread the word on your socials by posting about your buy with #AustralianMadeWeek.”

Something new that’s been added to this year’s activities and worth looking out for is a series of special events targeting specific industries and interests including family and small business, technology, Indigenous business, agriculture and ecommerce.

Australian Made chief executive, Ben Lazzaro, adds that Australian Made Week is a great time to draw attention to the benefits of buying local.

“The pandemic has really opened people’s eyes to the dependencies and vulnerabilities of relying on imported goods and how we can all play our part in making small changes that have a huge impact on our quality of life and our economy,” he says.

“When you buy Australian Made, you have a direct economic impact on the livelihoods of hundreds of thousands of Australians throughout the supply chain.

“Manufacturing is an essential part of our economy. Every Australian Made product purchased is directly supporting a sector of almost one million people from a hugely diverse range of backgrounds, education and skillset.

“Australian Made Week is also a fantastic opportunity to shine a spotlight on the interesting and inspiring people behind the 4,200-plus businesses that consider their Australian Made certification as a badge of honour.”