B2B marketplace start-up supports Aussie gift & homewares industry

When TradeSquare launched in October 2020, the main aim was to create a B2B marketplace to support digital transformation and capabilities of businesses. When Covid hit Australia last year, it only amplified this need even more and accelerated the mission and vision of the company.

“TradeSquare was launched after recognising the needs of Australian wholesale businesses and the small business community following average trading conditions of 2019 and the Australian bushfires,” says Catherine van der Meulen, head of partnerships & community.

“TradeSquare truly reflects the needs of Australian businesses and brings together a marketplace for Australian wholesalers to create new trading opportunities with small businesses and corporate Australian organisations.”

Indeed, so far 450 sellers have joined the platform with hundreds of thousands of products and thousands of buyers from all across Australia. Products cover a wide variety of categories including gifts and homewares, food and beverages, hair and beauty products, electronics, technology, office supplies and many more.

“With a strong focus on Australian made and Indigenous owned businesses, our business development team are working extremely hard to source organisations that really reflect Australian businesses.”

Van der Meulen adds the platform’s focus on regional and indigenous businesses is a key opportunity for Australian companies.

“There are so many Australians migrating to regional areas of Australia and setting up new businesses. We want to support them with being able to buy and sell without the limitations that often come with living in regional areas and operating businesses.

“Indigenous businesses and remote communities are a key part of the Australian businesses ecosystem to shining a light, supporting these organisations and enabling them new trading opportunities is important to TradeSquare.”

TradeSquare recently partnered with the Australian Gift and Homewares Association (AGHA), which will further enable the marketplace with great Australian businesses, enthuses Van der Meulen.

“Australian small businesses are the heartbeat to the country. We know that the economic recovery of Australia will come from many channels but supporting local businesses is key to bringing the heart of our country back to life.”