Built By Kidz party business rebrands as DIY party in a box

When Covid-19 hit Australia, some companies did really well during the pandemic while others had to pivot their business to remain relevant.

Josephine and Ray Azizi were forced to rethink their Sydney woodwork party business, Built By Kidz.

“When Covid-19 came and our business took a massive fall, we decided to create Built By Kidz Party in a Box and activity kids, so that families around Australia could enjoy our woodwork parties and activities,” explains Josephine.

Founded in 2014, Built By Kidz was about teaching kids carpentry skills in a fun way. Parents loved the skill based party concept and their parties were booked out months in advance.

However, when the pandemic arrived Ray and Josephine had to pivot fast so they created a Built By Kidz Party in a Box, which parents anywhere in Australia could purchase as an engaging and educational birthday party in a box or as an activity.

 “DIY birthday woodwork party kits have proved popular with parents keen to teach their kids life skills whilst having fun,” adds Ray.

“Some parents have purchased the activity boxes as a lockdown or screen free activity.”

The DIY boxes include Party in a Box for 12 kids and one for 10 kids; Activity Box for 2 kids; and Artist Party Box for 12 kids.

“We offer the options of 12 of our popular Toolbox, Slide Box or Trinket Box projects in one package. We offer several add-ons such as markers, paints and brushes to allow the kids to express their creativity and let their imagination run wild. An easy-to-follow instruction card is included in your package to ensure your party is hassle-free. These projects are suitable for ages five to 12,” adds Josephine.

The Artist Party in a Box project is perfect for a fun filled party of young budding artists. Your party pack will come with 12 canvases and an array of art supplies so the fun can be shared with everyone. These projects are suitable for ages five and up. Each box will also come with artwork inspiration cards to get the kids inspired or they can let their imaginations run wild and create their own masterpiece.

“We have a passion for sharing the beauty and skill of carpentry, and a genuine love of working with children and helping them excel and create. Our DIY birthday party woodwork projects are delivered nationally. Parents can purchase them for a party or as an activity box. We want children around Australia to enjoy our woodwork and to learn an important life skill at the same time,” says Ray.