Matchmaking program helps retailers & suppliers connect

Networking and B2B matchmaking are becoming increasingly important for trade fair visitors, therefore Ambiente is introducing Business Matchmaking.

The digital program―available in German and English―enables manufacturers and attendees to save specific search parameters to the web portal, and then the program brings the relevant parties together.

Ambiente vice president, Nicolette Naumann, says making the right contacts and finding new visitors or exhibitors has become a central issue for anyone coming to the trade fair.

“We are now a digital step ahead of this trend, offering our exhibitors and visitors an uncommon service―the Business Matchmaking Program―which gives them major added value, even during the run-up to Ambiente,” she says.

Anyone with a ticket is automatically included in the Business Matchmaking Program and can log in with their trade fair access details, which they already have at this stage.

Urbanisation, globalisation and individualisation are also trends influencing consumer behaviour in more ways than one.

“Globalisation, digitisation, individualisation―our industry is going through a period of radical change. Young designers are responding with creative solutions that reflect the spirit of the time,” says Naumann.

For example, Spanish brand Closca has developed an entirely new folding bike helmet, inspired by the experiences of many city cyclists.

French brand Carmen from Paris will present its clever take on the current notebook trend―a single cover contains several notebooks for different projects and comprises a variety of models, some including an organiser, wallet and card holder.

Another company to look out for is Danish label Nichba Design, with its space-saving living concepts for city nomads. The range of steel furniture features a minimalist design and uses everyday products in sometimes unusual ways. For example, its range of cat furniture blends easily into the interior design and is secured in the wall in the same way as shelves.

Tapping into to the handmade and sustainable trend is Kalaika’s cult ECO net bag, which is not just an alternative to disposable plastic bags but also a fashion accessory. Or Bimbesbox’s sleek and simple wallet with a single card slot, which has been reduced to the essentials and is made from wood grains in Germany’s Palatinate region.

Ambiente will be held from 9 to 13 February.

By Marion Gerritsen