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Moving goods is an imperative part of ensuring your business’ success. When it is overlooked, not carefully planned or not budgeted for, it can cause a world of grief. Acacia Logistics founder, Marni Clarke, discusses the mistakes companies make and shares her tips and tricks to fix them on page 22.

When running a small business it is of the utmost importance to have your finances in order. This means you need to manage your cash flow, and manage it well, because if you don’t it could be disastrous for your store. On page 10 we look at 5 cash flow mistakes you should avoid.

Melbourne based retailer TheSuperCool has been in business for six years and there are many things they have learned, lessons learned the hard way and things that have worked from day one. On page 12 co-founder Kate Vandermeer shares her six tips for retail success―one for each year in business.

Hiring the right staff for your store is just as important as the products you sell. They represent your brand and are the public face of your business; they can make or break a sale. As the most valuable assets in your store, you need to make sure the people you employ will help, not hinder, your business. Check out some tips on page 18 to help you with this process.

Tax time is never fun and when you run a small business, which is hard enough, you don’t want to get caught up in the complexities of the tax system. To make things easier we’ve put together some simple things you should know that might even save you some money. Read more on page 14.

This issue also features a great success story on LUC. Design store (page 16), which has been able to flourish in not only a difficult retail climate but also in a regional area; the dos and don’ts of commercial leases on page 24; and, starting on page 26 you will find some tips on how exhibitors at trade fairs can stand out from the crowd to ensure they get retailers’ attention.

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