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Recent research shows that an increasing number of customers make purchasing decisions based on the values they think a company holds. Also, most consumers would have a more positive impression of businesses that give back to society, believing businesses have a responsibility to do social good.

In our Gifts & Gadgets digital magazine, we meet some brands that are on a social mission to create gifts that give back.

This year we have seen some cool and quirky products in the market. Especially at trade fairs we have discovered some great pieces. On page 14 we have a look at the latest gifts and gadgets that created a buzz in 2019 and will continue to make waves in 2020.

According to official Swiss export figures, Australia imported roughly $273 million worth of foreign watches in 2018, a slight increase from 2017, indicating the ever-growing encroachment of these products in market.

However, locally made watch brands such as Adina Watches are now fighting back, finding their own strength and appeal in market with time pieces that better reflect, and are more suited to, the Australian lifestyle and environment. Read more on page 20.

The growth in men's products is fast outpacing that of traditional women’s products, so this is a great time to expand your portfolio and add some new and exciting ranges to your store shelves.

Men’s accessories is now one of the fastest growing segments in the industry as men are putting more effort into their appearance as well as accessories such as bags, watches and gadgets. Check out some of the brands that do men’s style very well on page 34.

With the changes in gifting patterns, trade fairs have had to adjust their offerings to keep up with the new demand. Consumers are looking for a story, an experience and of course there is a concern for the environment. There is also digitisation, urbanisation, innovation and diversity. Read more on page 38.

Once again we have selected the best products for your store, which you can find starting on page 42.

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