Chibebe slumber pod ready to rock


the popular baby product, slumber pods, can now be transformed into rockers with the launch of a new accessory to the range.




chibebe’s pod rocker was created because of customer demand. “parents had been reaching out to us and saying how much they loved our pods, but a lot were asking ‘hey, where is the rocker?’ it seemed like a pretty natural next step to develop this product,” says chibebe founder, paulitta zito.




able to work with the complete line of chibebe slumber pods, the rocker provides a soothing and comforting experience for babies.




the product has proved to be such a hit with customers the first shipment sold out before it arrived in australia and pre-orders have been rolling in.




“it’s a fun time. there’s real enthusiasm for this product on our team and from the customers.”




like all chibebe products, the rocker meets the company’s own high standards for quality and safety as well as australian national standards.




“our first step is always making sure that a product gives bubs a healthy and comforting experience. we set the bar high,” adds zito.