Colour trends 2019―greenery, blushes & living coral

The world around us is changing at a superfast pace, so it’s no surprise that the colour trends we can expect to see this year have been largely designed to assist us in slowing down and reconnecting to both ourselves and our spaces.

Colours set to have a strong presence in 2019 will centre around creating a sense of simplicity and calmness in our homes, disconnecting us from digital and busy-ness and essentially connecting with more authentic, grounded experiences. Think greenery, blushes and living coral features.

Ahead of her appearance in the Conversation Series at next month’s Life Instyle Sydney, The Life Style Edit founder, Heidi Albertiri, shares her expert colour predictions for 2019.

Colour 2019

The connection between the demands of home and work life is more important than ever and is something that leaders in the industry have taken into consideration. You will see many designers using particular colours to help create a sense of simplicity and calmness in our homes to relieve the increasing pressures that many of us are feeling at work. This also includes creating a strong connection to nature and its landscapes.


For 2019, green is still ever present, be it through plants, paint or soft furnishings―forest green is nurturing, calm and grounding. Found in varying palettes across the board, green is paired strongly with ground hues of the Australian landscape such as ochre, rusts, cinnamons and sandy tones, which will continue to be reflected in the tones of this year.

Reflecting this trend is Life Instyle exhibitor, AKA. Adding touches of greenery to your home can instantly add that calm, grounded feel and AKA is the perfect way to add those touches in any room in your home. AKA creates tiny planters for succulents and cacti, making it really easy to add greenery to your surroundings without filling the space with large plants.

Another great way to add greenery to your home is through artwork. McMurtrie Illustrations has the perfect solution. With bold colours, the artwork adds both greenery and pink florals to any setting. Exhibiting at Life Instyle for the very first time, McMurtrie Illustrations fits perfectly with two major trends of 2019.

Blush obsession

The obsession with blush will continue, however, changes to the hue will come into play with dusty blushes and rosy neutrals.

With a yearning to create peaceful zones in our home, we are searching out these softs blush tones to help us wind down. Paired with grey, greens and creams, these understated tones also add a simplicity that is timeless.

A really easy way to please your blush obsession is with Fleuressence. Renee Tsironis, founder of Fleuressence, creates beautiful imagery from freezing flowers and capturing the pinky tones in blocks of ice. The stunning photographs are perfect for adding a range of dusty blushes and rosy neutrals to your walls, without overdoing it. Fleuressence will also be showcasing a range of products at Life Instyle Sydney in February.

Living Coral  

To spice things up, Pantone’s colour of the year is Living Coral. 'Vibrant, yet mellow Living Coral embraces us with warmth and nourishment to provide comfort and buoyancy in our continually shifting environment.'

The colour of coral is social and spirited to encourage light heartened activity. Symbolising our innate need for optimism and joyful pursuits when work acts as such a heavy load for many of us, Living Coral gives way for some good old-fashioned fun.

Life Instyle is held from 21 to 24 February 2019 at the Royal Hall of Industries and Hordern Pavilion.

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