Complete room looks with Lilly & Lolly

Kids bedrooms change often as their tastes and needs change as they get older. However, this doesn’t always bode well for people’s budgets.

The design team at Lilly & Lolly recognise the importance of designing and producing timeless and durable pieces that stand the test of time and require only a simple ‘dressing change with accessories’ when children move through life stages.

This approach saves families time and money and reduces our waste as a community, says Megan Butler, director of Lilly & Lolly.

"We enjoy providing style and quality to our customers’ homes,” she enthuses.

“We pride ourselves on service and originality and are very proud to be part of the Australian design industry. We get excited about providing inspiration and helping families build the ideal bedroom for their children, filled with gorgeous things that reflect the child's unique personality."

Lilly & Lolly creates complete room looks to create inspiring spaces for kids. To achieve this the company partners with creative and design forward businesses providing bedding, wall art, toys, lighting, floor rugs, clocks, mirrors, pinboards, hooks & garlands.... everything that goes into creating a perfect space.

Diego Diamond Room

The Diego Diamond bedroom design features Lilly & Lolly's upholstered bed, which has a slightly tapered bed head, that allows kids to lean back into a thick soft cushion... and read comfortably in bed.

The bed was paired with the Lilly & Lolly Scoop bedside, which sits at the perfect height next to this bed, and the Lilly & Lolly Colour Box chest of drawers. The design team have purposefully blended three Lilly & Lolly furniture ranges to create an individual style that works to create interest and appeal.

The Diego Diamond room is adaptable, with the furniture foundations appealing to both a younger child and an older child by simply changing up wall art, storage options, lamps and cushions―‘Be Brave with Your Life’.

Denim Daze Room

You’ve heard the saying ‘blue and green should never be seen without a colour in between’―well smack ‘in between’ are the lovely warm hues of Tasmanian Oak timber. Denim Daze is a playful fun room, based around the Lilly & Lolly Colour Box range, available in either Tasmanian Oak or American Oak timbers.

The range includes all bed sizes up to adult king as well as trundle bed, one and two drawer bedside table, chest of drawers, tall boy and three tier bookshelf. To personalise the look, feature panels within the wood frame can be painted in Dulux colours (selecting from seven colour options).

This French Flax Denim Duvet paired with a little bit of crushed linen, provides a more relaxed look for the bed…. the best part about denim is, like a pair of jeans, it can be paired back with any colour of your choosing.

Swap out the green for red or orange or yellow or your child’s favourite colour, and the bedrooms look would be just as impactful. Your imagination can run wild with fun decals for the wall―this giant aeroplane was just too good to pass up! And the ladder that just goes, well….nowhere, this room is all about having fun.

Yellow Wiggle Room

The Yellow Wiggle room will suit young toddlers who are ready for their big bed. The simple palette of grey, white and yellow was chosen to suit a modern aesthetic, and works for both a little boy or girls room. The room is based around Lilly & Lolly’s Charlie bed, which has a classic retro style with hand-turned legs carved from either American Oak or Tasmanian Oak.

The Charlie bed features a curved bedhead with piped edge and four designer buttons. Available in a range of sizes from single, king single, double and queen, as well as a trundle bed, so your child is ready for sleepovers. As with all Lilly & Lolly rooms, they are built to grow with your child, with only simple and cost effective accessories change as they move into tweens and teens stages.

The perfect teen retreat

The strong dynamic contrast of light oak timber with charcoal creates this great space. A little bit moody and serious Lilly & Lolly believes this room is the perfect transition into those teenage years.

"The Lilly & Lolly design team recognise the importance of designing and producing timeless and durable pieces. This is demonstrated by the Lilly & Lolly Colour Box range being transitioned into a teen room, with a simple 'dressing change with accessories'. Lilly & Lolly furniture stands the test of time, backed by a 10 year warranty for workmanship," says Butler.

The modern Lilly & Lolly Colour Box range is well designed and includes coloured panels which are encased by the warmth of natural timber. The Design team chose the Dulux Western Myall colour for the Colour Box panels, however you can leave them natural (as pictured below) or the colour options are endless if you want to create a different look.

Available in either Tasmanian Oak or American Oak timbers, the Colour Box range includes all bed sizes up to adult king, as well as a trundle bed, one and two drawer bedside table, chest of drawers, tall boy and three tier bookshelf.

The 'dynamic duo' colour palette was kept to tones and hues of grey and timber. Giant pin boards, rocking ergonomic stools, floor seating... the Lilly & Lolly Design team wanted to make this room a haven to retreat to as well as share with friends.