Cotton Candy Imports’ acquisition of CS Nugent is a win-win for everyone

With the acquisition of CS Nugent, Cotton Candy Imports has expanded its offering significantly while still maintaining both brands’ individuality. 

CS Nugent has been a household name in the gift industry for more than 59 years, supplying lovely stationery and gift products to the Australian market.

Earlier this year, the wholesaler was snapped up by Cotton Candy Imports, a family run business with many years of experience in the toy and giftware industry.

“We have always admired CS Nugent’s designs and quality and built a friendship with Greg and Barbara over the years, so when the opportunity to purchase CS Nugent arose, it was a seamless acquisition and a perfect fit to our current ranges,” says Iain Marr, national sales manager.

The acquisition brings the addition of such established brands such as Punch Studio and Child to Cherish to Cotton Candy’s Portfolio.

“CS Nugent’s in-house design team creates original artwork and marry vintage ephemera with their own hand painted watercolours. It comes to life in stationery, gift, home and office décor, beauty and accessories. Every product in the diverse range is a unique example of how something old and something new come together to create something artful for those who truly appreciate it.

“Child to Cherish’s hand painted and hand embellished piggy banks are a fantastic new twist on an old time tradition. Child to Cherish is passionate about preserving the innocence of every child, making high quality, highly detailed children’s giftware.”

CS Nugent will continue to run as CS Nugent but under the Cotton Candy Imports umbrella and CS Nugent has been incorporated into the Cotton Candy Imports website.

“Our customers love this because they can order form both businesses at the same time saving time and money on freight.

“We are always looking for new ideas and if the right opportunity presents, this may be the first of many acquisitions,” Marr adds.

The current Covid-19 situation has changed the way many businesses operate. For Cotton Candy Imports, years of experience have taught them the importance of moving with the times, flexibility and in-house design.

“It is this learning that has given us the resilience to deal with the current worldwide situation.

“Even though all overseas travel has been cancelled, we have adapted well to this, working closely with our exclusive factories to ensure we still produce fresh new ranges to present to the retail industry. Sure, we have worked harder than ever this year but it will all be worth it!”

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