Dog accessories label launches new bohemian range

We all love to pamper our four-legged friends and what better way is there to do this than by spoiling them with the most fabulous products available.

After successfully launching its debut collection last year, Melbourne dog outfitters label Sebastian Says is introducing a new bohemian range.

Designed in Elwood, Victoria the aptly named ‘A New Bohemian’ collection has been inspired by natural textures and earthy beach surroundings, with a focus on both functionality and aesthetic.

Sebastian Says founder, Suz Strampic, says her puppy Sebastian and the role he plays in her life was the inspiration for the new line.

“My partner and I enjoy a little road trip to the outskirts of Melbourne,” she explains. “The natural earthy beach surroundings of Australia are what inspire me, [and] Sebastian plays a big part in our lives. And so, this collection represents us.

“The new collection offers deep and tonal colours of rich red, teal and navy that can easily be matched to neutral toffee tones and pastels.”

The label’s highly sought-after macramé leads are now available in a teal, indigo, toffee and red, and are handcrafted by artisans using 100 per cent cotton. The uniquely designed square and twist knot detailing offers an elevated design feature and at the same time reinforces the strength of the leads, ensuring they will stand the test of time. Vegetable-tanned leather collars with solid brass hardware continue to feature in the collection as well.

“We also have an exciting new leather alternative made by Piñatex, available in gold and natural, that brings a relaxed style combination or earthen luxe.”

The vegan-friendly alternative is a capsule collection of collars and coats. “We are the world’s first label to use it for pet accessories, and finish each Piñatex product with our signature solid brass charm.”

By Marion Gerritsen

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