Dreamfarm launches three new products

Known for kitchen gadgets that always solve a problem even when you didn't know there was one, Aussie company Dreamfarm has added three new items to its ever expanding portfolio. 

Introduced at Ambiente in Frankfurt, the Levoop, Fledge and Spindry caught the attention of many visitors at the trade fair. 

For all coffee lovers who like to make their own coffee at home, Levoop is the perfect gadget. It is an adjustable scoop that levels off whatever the ingredient is that you are measuring, explains Dreamfarm special projects manager Cate McDermott. 

“The idea is that you can adjust the level of coffee grinds to what kind of coffee you want to make, so one shot, two shots, espresso, weak coffee. Everyone likes a different kind of strength for their coffee, so this is perfect for that. 

“You can also use it for baby formula, protein powder, and [co-owner] Alex uses it for laundry powder,” she laughs. They come in black, red and grey and retail for $11.95. 

Dreamfarm’s Spindry is a toilet brush that spins dry. “With normal toilet brushes there is always water dripping off that ends up on the toilet seat, the floor and the canister that holds the brush. With the Spindry your brush will be dry before you put it back into the canister,” McDermott says. 

The Spindry comes in all white with a blue bristle, or all black with a blue bristle.

Dreamfarm’s Fledge chopping board is great for anyone that loves to cook and needs to prepare food. It comes in small and large sizes.

“It’s got an edge that you can put up or down. Up is perfect when you are chopping a carrot for example and you don’t want anything to roll off. It also makes it easier to transport the food to your pots and pans without anything falling off. 

“If you turn the edge down and turn the board around it will catch all the juice after food preparation. We also have a calibrated version which has been calibrated to exactly 500 grams.”

The boards come in the usual Dreamfarm colours including black, red and green, which is the most popular colour. 

“We had a little pop-up shop in Westfield in Brisbane, where we launched the Fledge boards, and every day the green boards sold out. It was crazy.” 

Dreamfarm has been growing consistently and has made some new strategic decisions to keep up with this growth. This includes hiring a new head of international sales, who previously worked for Amazon, where she set up their customer service teams and call centres, and Chef’n for 14 years. The company has also just hired someone who will be taking care of the key US accounts and managing the sales reps in the US.

“And late last year we launched with Myer. We had 10 different products instore so Christmas was really strong. We are continuing with the same products this year and hoping to add some more as well.”

By Marion Gerritsen

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