Ecological design company sends an ethical message

When you think butterflies, you don't automatically think Ambiente and consumer goods, however, in today's environment it made sense to include Belightful Design in both the Ethical Style sector and Ambiente trends 2019. 

The Belightful Butterfly Oasis is an innovative ecoluxury product that brings nature closer to everyday lives by attracting butterflies, aiming to enhance the wellbeing of both people and butterflies, says co-founder Miia Liesegang, CEO and designer.

The material of the butterfly oasis is bio-based PLA, which does not contain harmful chemicals or non-renewable oils. 

The Finnish ecological design company focuses on ecological wildlife feeder-products as outdoor decoration. 

“We want to offer an easy and visual way to experience something beautiful and support nature at the same time,” she says.

From the very beginning, the entrepreneurial duo Liesegang and Taina Tallala of Belightful Designs have always wanted to take their product international and it's now available in more than 10 countries including Canada and Japan. 

Belightful Butterfly Oasis uses eco-friendly materials, focuses on fair and social production and sustainable innovation.

“It feels good that our ecological and also ethical message built within the product story is being understood and recognised,” says Tallala. “It confirms we are on the right track.”