Eight unique fragrances from Havana Home

To create products, people get their inspiration from many different sources such as their kids, pets or a significant event in their life. For Judith Bruce, happy memories have inspired the launch of her candles.

The founder of Havana Home says a childhood spent in the bush and her present life near the coast has created eight unique fragrances―each of which brings to life a recollection and interpretation of time and place.

“Every fragrance has a story, and that story is special,” she explains. “From the backyard orchards of my childhood to the stolen teenage kisses on sandy beaches. From the tomato and mint sandwiches made by my grandmother to the tea parties held under pepper trees.”

Each of her carefully crafted scents begins with the moment she wants to capture. She then works with an established perfume house to create the fragrance.

“Each fragrance goes through several incarnations before it is perfect and ready to be tested in the products. More than a year can pass between the idea and the final product; this time and attention to detail is evident in every fragrance.”

For example, her Pink Peppercorn candle has a complex scent, Bruce says, which is contemporary and nostalgic at the same time.

“Since creating this fragrance I have received and heard so many stories of people recalling their own memories of pepper trees. From memories like my own, playing under the trees, to rubbing the peppercorns on hands before getting the cane at school. This fragrance and the rest of collection resonate with our collective subconscious.”

All candles are made in small batches in Australia and Bruce makes sure she uses renewable soy wax, ensuring the end result makes for a long lasting, fragranced addition to any home.

Bruce also knew she wanted to do something more than just create a pretty package.

“I had my packaging epiphany while washing my hair,” she laughs. “I realised that my boxes could do more than house the candles and look great on a shelf. The packaging could also promote other creative women.

“So I worked with eight female Australian artists so that each box or tin features an original piece of art by an established or emerging female artist.”

Bruce sees it as a win for everyone; Havana has the most beautiful packaging, her stockists receive something incredible for their shelves, the customer receives a small piece of art and the artist gets their artwork seen by a much greater audience.

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