frank green launches its first ever beverage range

Reusable cup supplier frank green is taking its quest for a sustainable world to a new level with the launch of a beverage range.

Launched last week, Sustainable Sips features a range of certified organic, Fairtrade and ethically sourced loose-leaf teas and coffee.

For years frank green has been dedicated to creating the perfect ‘outside’ for your favourite beverages, so we thought we would make what goes on the inside too, says founder Benjamin Young.

“You choose the kind of world you want with every purchase you make and with frank green you can now enjoy a 100 per cent sustainable beverage every day,” he explains.

The new range boasts a selection of certified organic teas that will suit any taste. The Immunity Tea is packed full of antioxidants, anti-inflammatories, lemongrass and ginger to help keep you fighting fit. For those looking for some R&R the Soul & Peppermint Tea is the one for you, featuring calming properties to create a sense of ease. The Zen Black Tea is a full-bodied brew, perfect for a gentle wake up or quiet moment.

“We have partnered with world-renowned artisanal tea and coffee makers to create certified organic and fair trade beverages that taste incredible and reduce waste. Because we want every part of your drinking experience to be waste-free, fun to use and beautiful to look at, we created a French press, tea infuser and reusable canisters too―all expertly designed for the ultimate sustainable beverage experience.”

Young says it was important for the company to offer a coffee product that was 100 per cent ethical, sustainable and most importantly delicious. Roasted by world-renowned coffee experts in Melbourne, the frank green coffee is a bright arabica and robusta blend with a delicate mix of nutty, chocolate, caramel and fruit notes. Perfectly balanced, the premium coffee experience will impress even the biggest Melbourne coffee connoisseur.

“Our coffee beans are grown and harvested by fair trade certified coffee farmers in Peru, Sumatra, Honduras and Mexico, and our tea is hand-picked by certified organic and fair trade farmers in Sri Lanka. All frank green teas are loose leaf to create less waste, use less energy and show more kindness to the planet.”

The perfect Christmas present, frank green has packaged the new range into gift sets, offering coffee and tea packs complete with everything you need to make the perfect morning wake up.

While Young is very excited about the new offering, he says it was no small feat creating the range, especially with the challenges of Covid-19, but the frank green team had the belief that in order to get through this unprecedented moment in time they needed to lean into the challenge, so rather than shy away from launching new products they jumped in head first.

“We were determined to create tea and coffee solutions that were of the highest quality and taste but also as ethical and as sustainable as possible. We had lots of options to choose from but we were steadfast in our decision to only create products that are certified organic and fair trade, here was our greatest challenge as that combination is hard to come by.

“We partnered with experts in the tea and coffee industry to ensure we have the most delicious and sustainable beverage offering, working together with our partners was the best way to tackle problems that came up and find the best products.

“One of the biggest challenges in creating sustainable sips has been global shipping delays and tricky transport but that has just taught us better patience. As we manufacture and print majority of our packaging and products here in Australia we have been very privileged to keep working during 2020 and we are very proud to introduce the world to sustainable sips.”

As we are getting closer to the end of the year, what else can we expect from frank green going into 2021? “Without giving too much away, we have a very exciting calendar planned for 2021 that includes more brand-new reusable products to reduce the need and manufacture for single use plastic products, and some simply stunning new designs and colours planned for our core range of reusable cups and bottles,” enthuses Young.

Watch this space…

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