Gabrielle Celine adds 70 new designs to card range

Australian stationery label Gabrielle Celine has expanded in a big way, adding over 70 new designs to its greeting card collection and branching out into notebooks and notepads.

The Kangaroo Valley-based brand launched its 2017 collection with a little over 20 card designs and co-founder Gabrielle Palma says she received such an overwhelming response from retailers that she decided to expand the range to over 90 designs, all featuring the brand’s signature gold touch.

Palma started the business with her husband Luis in 2016, shortly after the birth of their second child. The pair has experience in fashion and editorial design, which comes through in the Gabrielle Celine aesthetic.

“I hadn’t really been thinking about greeting cards as an avenue but it kind of brought everything that I loved together: type, illustration, design and stationery,” says Palma.

“Fashion and editorial design play a major role in my thought process when designing new collections. I love textures, colours and metallics, all of which play a large part in the fashion industry.”

Although the label is fashion-inspired, the products aren’t reliant on trends. Instead, Palma is inspired by life’s little details and the emotion a hand written note can evoke. She says the beautiful simplicity of the designs means the products would suit a wide range of stores, whether it’s a fashion boutique, florist, book shop or café.

“Gabrielle Celine is timeless, classic and tasteful with a playful edge. It’s traditional stationery with an updated feel.

“We take something very simple and we elevate it, so whenever you look at Gabrielle Celine you immediately recognise it. We pride ourselves on mixing fine materials in a refined colour palette with a signature gold touch.”

Running a family business gives the Palmas the flexibility to spend time with their children, four-year-old Celine and 18-month-old Robbie, and also means they have the final say when it comes to the brand.

“I get to say yes or no to opportunities, direct the company in a way that I think is best, and have creative control over my work,” Palma says.

“My parents have been business owners for the past 30 years (and still are) and were always there for myself and my three younger sisters… I want that for my children, and I am grateful that I can do what I love with who I love—me husband and children.”

With personalised products becoming an important category for the gift industry, Palma says she is excited to launch her next big project—a new customised range. She also wants to expand the products on offer and develop new lines.

“I love creating, perhaps a little too much. I drive my husband insane with ideas—he definitely balances me and brings me back down to earth.

“I love just getting out of my own little world and seeing how other people dress, live and create. I’m an observer and I love all the little details that make everyday life so interesting.”

By Ruth Cooper

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