GALA finalist: meet Apiary Made

Apiary Made is the culmination of several things founder Celeste Faltyn loves: natural and luxurious skincare, keeping bees, honey, and creating beautiful things.

“The hardworking bees at our apiary in Victoria’s Yarra Valley are helping us to take up the fight against cling wrap and food waste,” she explains.

“Dedicated to helping protect the environment, reducing food waste and the growth of Australia’s bee population, the team at Apiary Made have created beeswax food wraps―the natural alternative to cling wrap.”

The beeswax food wraps have many environmental and sustainable benefits. Made from certified organic cotton, beeswax and jojoba oil with eco-friendly dyes, the beeswax food wraps are zero waste and easily compostable unlike cling wrap or plastic containers.

“Where we can we use our own organic beeswax, any other beeswax we use only comes from apiarists who look after their bees, keeping them free of synthetic agricultural chemicals, pesticides and other nasties. Supporting sustainable beehives and colonies is crucial as bees are so important in our ecosystem and play a large role in the pollination of many fruits, vegetables and nuts.

“It is for these same valuable environmental and sustainable reasons that we only use fabrics made from certified organic cottons and environmentally friendly inks. Perfect for wrapping cheese, bread, herbs, fresh pasta, half an avocado or sandwiches and snacks, the wraps breathe, preventing produce from sweating and oxidising. They are also naturally anti-bacterial helping your food to last longer. We have also been creating our own unique fabrics for our wraps with a combination of our own screen printing and designer fabrics,” Faltyn adds.

Further to the environmental benefits provided by the wraps, Apiary Made is the only producer that designs and prints its own range of unique hand-printed fabrics. The products can be found in the gift shops of some of the major tourist attractions around Australia as well as in gourmet grocers, organic stores and other ethical and sustainable retail stores.

“The wraps’ flexibility means they are a fantastic alternative to cling wrap for any produce or foodstuff that needs to be wrapped, stored or transported. There are so many opportunities to expand the range and recently we developed a produce pouch. Similar to a mushroom bag, the produce pouch is great for storing leftover veggies and offcuts as the pouch slows down the oxidisation and deterioration process. We are the first producer of the beeswax produce pouches and so far these are probably the first product to sell out at any market or event we have attended.”

Apiary Made is exhibiting at Life Instyle Sydney, stand F10.

By Marion Gerritsen

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