Green zone (continued...)

“I’ve done a course on lifecycle analysis, so I know what the impact is not only in the products we bring in but also all the packing, processing, warehousing, etc. Additionally, we have introduced a range of sustainable products.

“We reuse packing in our warehouse, and any rubbish is sorted and recycled where possible. Packaging is as minimal impact as possible but we are still trying to minimise breakages. We have a veggie patch and mini orchard where we test and display products. Wherever possible, if there is a greener option then we take it. It’s the only way.”

For 2019, Longmuir anticipates a 50 per cent change in stock lines, keeping the ranges current and strong.

“Our products change constantly. This keeps our story interesting for our retailers and their customers. We try to find products that have an attractive retail price so that they turn over quickly for our stockists. Of 1,000 products we look at we might only find one that fits the bill.

“Additionally, we try to support our customers with merchandising ideas, because we feel that merchandising is key to successful retailing. The better our customers merchandise the better their sales. If they merchandise our products, well, then our sales are also good.”

Longmuir started Alfresco Gardenware in 2005 and unlike many other entrepreneurs, it never really was a dream of hers to own her own business, however, having children changed that.

“When I had children my life seemed always to be a compromise. When I was at work I felt I should be at home, and when I was home I felt I should be at work... So, along with a girlfriend, we thought maybe we could do our own thing.

“I love gardens so was naturally drawn to something in that category. Never really thought it would become what it has. Alfresco is like another child, just watching it grow into itself and supporting it along the way.”

The name actually came from the Alfresco trend 13 years ago, which seems to be making a big comeback. “Who knows if we would be here if it wasn’t for that trend? However, for now, we’re just looking forward to bringing in lots more wonderful products that bring a smile to customers and encourage people into their gardens and plants.”

Meet Alfresco Gardenware at stand 3G12 at the upcoming AGHA Sydney Gift Fair at Sydney Olympic Park (23-26 February 2019). Entry is free for industry professionals. Visit for more information and to find out how you can attend this trade event.