Homewares made from coconuts to debut at Life Instyle

Chris Lopez started his brand, Coco Cove, in 2015 after falling in love with the idea of using coconut shells as bowls. His range now includes bowls and doormats, which will be on show for the first time at Life Instyle Sydney.

“It all came about from a passion I have for sustainable products,” explains Lopez. “Sustainable materials are an important part of the future for the world we’re living in. If I can contribute by using recycled coconut shells I can only hope people can connect to the experience as well.”

The bowls are made out of coconut shells sourced from a tropical location in Vietnam and then polished, smoothed and treated with flaxseed oil to seal them. Each bowl comes with a coconut spoon and Lopez says he designed the packaging to help communicate Coco Cove’s message.

“Using organic materials for our coconut bowls is so important as it is part of the experience and connection with nature.  The coconut shell is perfectly shaped to be a bowl and to eat from it feels like a raw and natural action…

“Our doormats are also made from coconut fibres. The strong fibres from the husk of the coconut make the perfect material.”

Lopez says it has been a juggling act trying to balance everything involved in running his own business, which includes being the product developer, salesperson and accountant.

“However, I do feel it’s important to have a handle on all areas of your business so I don’t mind the challenge…I love the design and creativity of running my own business.”

Next up for Lopez is to “sell, sell, sell”, he says. “I have backed myself and ordered stock without a single order. I am confident customers will love the end product. I just need to get the brand out there now.”

By Ruth Cooper

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