How retailers and wholesalers can improve cost efficiency & profits

When importing products, there are always hidden costs that companies either didn’t calculate or just weren’t aware of.

Neto’s new landed cost calculator is designed to improve an importers back-office efficiency whilst providing a new way to more accurately record the true cost of procuring a product from an overseas supplier.

CEO and founder of Neto, Ryan Murtagh, says importers need to get a better handle on their costs and profits to be able to run a successful business.

“Competition is growing and margins are shrinking,” he explains. “Importers need to know what is affecting their ability to profit on every transaction and to do this they need to better understand the true cost of importing products, not just the suppliers price.

“Tools like this landed cost calculator help to automate the operational burden associated with running an import business, empowering small business importers to compete with the big guys.”

Traditionally, small to medium sized (SMB) retailers and wholesalers have relied on complex, time consuming and error prone Excel spreadsheets to manage the calculation of landed costs, Murtagh, who used to be an online retailer himself, adds.

“Now, in just a few clicks, importers can capture, apportion and calculate landed costs associated with a product from multiple international suppliers, in multiple currencies.

“Our investment in enterprise level tools for SMB retailers and wholesalers further demonstrates our commitment to deliver a platform that enables our Australian customers to punch above their weight in global ecommerce market…Neto always intends to stay one step ahead in terms of the functionality and integration required in a complete solution for ecommerce, POS, inventory and fulfilment.”

Homewares brand, Zakkia, was looking for a platform that was flexible and able to grow with the business.

Flexibility around managing different customer groups in particular, was something that was important to homewares brand, Zakkia. “We needed a solution that allowed us to tailor content, pricing and offers to unique customer groups,” says Emma Williamson, marketing and customer engagement manager.

One of the other challenges was the integration of their shipping and logistics systems with an ecommerce platform. With the Neto platform, Zakkia was able to create their own ecommerce ecosystem and change it as they saw fit.

Neto has opened a world of possibilities for Zakkia, allowing the business to streamline operations, focus on customer service, and allow them to better market their business.

“We have found that Neto allows us the flexibility we were after regarding customisation, integration and client database management more so than our previous ecommerce system.”