How to merchandise for maximum impact this summer

Summer is a time of long lazy days, cool drinks with friends and watching palms swaying in the breeze; what a relaxed way to live.

Wouldn't it be great to bring that vibe into your store? 

The best way to get that summer feel is by inviting mother nature in. You can do through the use of colour, music and plants. In particular:

•              Blue, green or white colours

•              The sound of water (ocean or waterfall) or the forest (birds)

•              Prominently display goods that have images of plants or flowers

Customers will relate to the relaxing vibe, its calming influence and this will encourage them to linger. Why not let your customers enjoy a slice of peace and tranquillity every time they walk in your door?

Here are our top tips for merchandising your store this summer:

Start with the basics

•              Well cleaned areas

•              Well ticketed products

•              Good lighting

•              Big bold displays

•              Block stacking

•              Use high traffic areas well―this is the most valuable space in your store. There is a reason supermarkets charge big money for the best shelf position, so make sure you are using your busiest area wisely.

Once you nail your visual merchandising, your products become silent salespeople. They sell themselves. While nothing will replace good customer service, having an extra sales strategy that is constantly working for you, is a must.

Engage your customers

Make your display inviting! Provide a sense of wonder and get your customers involved. We do this with a Peek-a-Boo box. This allows our customers to truly appreciate the beauty of our Minikin lanterns. And it's fun.

Create stories

Merchandise with other products of similar colours in store. This creates stories, and stories give the look and feel of abundance. Remember, abundance creates abundance!

Be inviting

Entice your customers inside with a stunning window display. Use these three golden rules―light, movement and colour.

Label, label, label!

Since using our new POS labels, our sales have doubled. Make sure your items are clearly priced and if they have a special story to tell, then tell it. Having a story card helps people connect with your products.

By Tui Cordemans, owner of Koh Living

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