Hunting for George releases Golden Years art range

Melbourne homewares brand Hunting for George has gone back to where it all began, releasing a new art print collection that celebrates summer.

The first product designed and produced by Hunting for George, founded in 2010 by Lucy Glade-Wright and Jo Harris, was a Dr Seuss print in 2012. The success of this first product led the founders to expand into homewares, today stocking an extensive range that includes linen, clocks, accessories and furniture.

For the new collection, Golden Years, Hunting for George has developed eight prints alongside a range of different photographers that all balance and complement one another.



“With each photographic print we wanted to capture the energy and warmth of summer,” says Glade-Wright.

“It was such a pleasure curating these images and bringing them to life. We were lucky to collaborate with new photographers and are looking forward to developing these collaborations further.”

Ranging from Clare Plueckhahn’s Ocean Floor print that captures the calmness of a sea floor, to the Mr Fancy Plants Monstera print by Naomi Savio, which gives off a tropical jungle vibe, the collection will inject happiness into homes year-round.

The prints are available now.

By Ruth Cooper

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