Innovative food catching device for kids a game changer

Designed by parents for parents, the Catchy takes the mess out of mealtimes with its innovative food catching design.

The concept is simple, Catchy attaches to a child’s highchair and catches food and liquids dropped (or thrown) during mealtimes. Its functionality solves all the pain points of messy mealtime to allow parents more ease and time to bond with their child at mealtimes without stressing about the mess.

Founders of Highchair Catchy, Rachel and Brad Cohen, are a Sydney-based family with a toddler Maya who loves to throw her food. As a clinical psychologist, PhD, specialising in eating disorders, Rachel knows that the best way to support your child in developing a healthy relationship with eating is to create relaxed and pressure-free mealtimes, where exploring, playing and making mess with food is encouraged. However, as a mum, she couldn’t stand the constant clean up.

“From the moment we introduced solids to our daughter Maya, we quickly discovered that mealtimes are messy,” she explains.

“More food went on the floor than in her mouth… and once she learned to throw we had no chance. We were on our hands and knees cleaning the floor constantly, stressing to get stains out of carpets and at our wits’ end.”

Now, Catchy allows Rachel to practice what she preaches as a psychologist. “I can let my daughter explore her food with all her senses and develop positive associations with mealtimes, without stressing about the mess.”

Originally created for personal use to solve a real problem in their household, word of mouth about this game changer spread quickly and soon Catchy turned into a small family business and a household name. 

Catchy is waterproof and easy to clean and an all-in-one, easy to install (no tools needed) device that has a minimalist aesthetic to suit any home. Made from BPA-free, PVC-free and recyclable material, Catchy is designed to be reused and is not a single-use item.