Jewellery for kids with sensory needs

Not just for babies and toddlers, Jellystone Design’s Juniors range of jewellery is also suitable for kids with sensory processing demands and special needs.

Recommended by occupational therapists, teething silicone jewellery helps alleviate anxiety and nail biting in kids.

Claire Behrmann, founder of Jellystone Designs says she has noticed a major rise in demand for her products.

“We are committed to enhancing the ways babies and children learn through sensory exploration,” she says.

“We’ve seen such an increased demand for our pendants from children with sensory needs and we strive to create funky products that all kids can love wearing.

“Our jewellery is free from BPA, phthalates and PVC. The range has a fabulous soft-feeling and texture. Jellystone Juniors is our ‘kids’ range of silicone jewellery, designed for kids three years and older.”

The cool range of pendant designs make them fun for kids to wear and with styles from robots and shark teeth to rainbows and love hearts, there’s a design for everyone. The pendant necklaces are fitted with a breakaway clasp for added safety.

The jewellery retails for $14.95.

By Marion Gerritsen

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