JOCO Cups wants to save the environment

Being a lifelong surfer and outdoor enthusiast, Matt Colegate gained a great appreciation both for the environment and his health. While riding the waves in Victoria he was also exposed first hand to the critical impact that disposable waste and plastic is having on the world.

Colegate says witnessing the abundance of disposable coffee cups that were filling the bins two to three times a day was something he could not steer past, and he set out to make a personal change. In 2012, the original reusable glass eco-cup, JOCO Cup, was born.

“The inception of our business was quite simple: to reduce the number of disposable coffee cups and refuse plastic, but it actually took two years of product development and market research to finally bring a truly plastic-free, barista-certified reusable glass coffee (or tea) cup to Australians,” he explains.

There are a lot of reusable alternatives out there, but JOCO is unique in both the materials used and the superior engineering of the cups, says Colegate.

“Not only are JOCO products 100 per cent plastic free, but they’re also artisan hand-blown instead of machine manufactured. We also worked closely with world-leading baristas and even sensory researchers to ensure the right DNA for the product to ensure the best coffee and tea drinking experience.

“We only use the healthiest materials that are developed for a lifetime of use, so the cups are truly toxin-free, preventing exposure to chemicals typically found in plastic.”

JOCO Cups has not gone unnoticed overseas. It has won the New York Coffee Festival’s best product award and has been recognised by the likes of BuzzFeed and the Guardian UK as a life-changing and superior product.

“While response slowly grew in the beginning, consumers are more and more comfortable with the idea of eco-cups and are more educated about the impact of plastic and disposable paper cups on the environment.

“Our business has grown from a small start-up to a full team recognised around the world. We continue to grow each year, and can see a shift in people now actively looking to make a difference with the products they purchase, so it has been great to see regions worldwide getting involved.”

The complete JOCO product range comes in 8oz, 12oz and 16oz sizes, modelled on common coffee cups. Retail prices start at $26.

By Marion Gerritsen

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