Key trends for the home

A deep connection with the home unites trends this season. Soothing, contemplative, yet highly functional in terms of technology, the home affords its occupants a quiet environment to focus on betterment of self.

Connected Souls, as forecast in Trend Bible’s autumn winter 2018/19 trend book, instils a sense of serenity into the home and allows us to change the energy soothing our body and mind. Yoga provides inspiration for this story; from a broader perspective, it promotes emotional introspection and from a design perspective, it influences a soothing, clutter-free environment. 

The home becomes a distraction-free place where decoration is quiet and restful, adding a sense of calm. Technology blends in and flows seamlessly and instinctively with our everyday needs. Providing an exclusive preview into this trend, we explore some of the key design elements. 


This soothing palette combines soft greens and grey-tinted blues that can be layered effortlessly in any room. Deep burgundy and vibrant turquoise provide depth and contrast while delicate pink continues to be important for interiors this winter.

©Nadia Pignatone

Flowing lines 

Shapes and motifs take on a curved and flowing formation. This is especially key for print direction, textiles and ceramics. Engraved patterns and unusual looped shapes add interest to simple wooden and ceramic pieces, creating a calming and tranquil mood.  

©Agata Nowak

Padded & quilted 

Simple design features with a focus on materials create an aesthetic for relaxation. Adding a low-key tactility to furniture, padded and quilted fabrics adorn cushions and upholstery, creating a restful and comforting environment. 

©Friends and Founders

Arches and curves

For product design, shapes are ordered and controlled, helping to generate a feeling of calm and contemplation. Used subtly throughout the home, arches and curves add minimal and understated decoration to staple pieces. Standalone mirrors and wall lights are updated with large curves, and bold lines are created through arched LED lighting.

By Jenna Galley, Insight Editor, Trend Bible 

Trend Bible is a home and interiors-dedicated forecasting agency and will be presenting some of the key trends for the home that retailers should be responding to for 2019 at the International Home + Housewares Show in March. 

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