Lisa Pollock likes to dream big

Starting in a garage, Lisa Pollock has come from humble beginnings to turn her brand into a local success. We catch up with the woman who lives by her daily mantra of believing in your dreams and never, ever giving up.

When was Lisa Pollock – Art from the Heart launched?

The ‘DREAM’ that is the Lisa Pollock brand was created 14 years ago from humble beginnings in our little garage. It was the first step on an incredible journey— following my dreams, trusting my inner voice and totally backing myself.

What challenges did you face trying to get your business up and running?

Mmmm… where do I start?! From bursting out of our little garage and using our lounge room as our despatch centre for 12 months, many crazy late nights to the stage of needing to really invest a lot financially, it was all a bit of a whirlwind and quite scary.

But aside from this, the biggest challenge for me was on a personal level. Each artwork is created from my heart, it’s like putting a little piece of ‘me’ out there every time. It was a massive step to face my fears and not listen to that little voice of self-doubt that we all have and do it anyway.

What inspires you when creating and designing products?

My inspiration comes from my love of nature and life itself. My studio looks out over our tranquil little creek in a beautiful rainforest setting. Many ideas have come to me while sitting in this stillness. But on the flipside, I also do a lot of crazy barefoot dancing around my studio to get the creative energy flowing— I’m a true believer in having fun and just letting it all flow.

What makes your products different and unique?

All my ranges are originally hand painted and these images are applied to our unique products. Nothing is generic, picked off a shelf, or taken from stock libraries. It’s all heart and soul stuff. There is so much time and research that goes into the creative process before paint even hits canvas. I strive to create a point of difference and I think this is what makes our brand so unique.

How has the market changed since you first launched?

Nowadays the market is just evolving so fast. Social media has had a huge impact on the industry. It’s such a great way to share images of new ranges. Customers have such great opportunities to purchase—it’s easier than ever before.

What philosophy do you apply to managing the company?

I believe I have created a very unique culture within our business. It’s like a big family environment and I am surrounded by a very talented tribe who each bring their own unique gifts to our world and so believe in the brand.

I often have moments of overwhelming gratitude. Our world’s pretty awesome! My managing style certainly doesn’t fit the ‘normal’ mould and I’m sure the girls could strangle me some days, but it all seems to work.

What do you believe is essential to be successful in business?

It’s all about believing in your dreams and never, ever giving up—this is my daily mantra. Also, surrounding yourself with an incredible tribe who see the big dream and are willing to walk that journey with you.

What is the best advice you have been given in life?

Spend as much time on your business as in it, which is easier said than done.

Are there any people that you admire and take inspiration from?

I really admire my dad. He works in the business and in the sometimes craziness of our world has brought such a calm presence and he is always a sounding board for me. I’m proud to have had the opportunity to work beside him and learn from him.

What have been your greatest highlights and challenges until now?

Having one of my products—that I collaborated on with the empowering YMAG—being chosen to go into the Golden Globe Goodies bag (yes, Hollywood!) and also being chosen to go into Ellen DeGeneres’s 60th birthday gift box (ok officially pinching myself!).

What kind of retailer stocks your products?

All kinds! We supply a huge range of newsagents and pharmacies with our smaller pieces that are ideal grab’n’go gifts, plus we also have the Lisa Pollock brand in specialist stores who love to use our whole range in their window and shop displays. Our big wall canvases, cushions and throw rugs look great everywhere.

What are your future plans for the business?

My dreamboard has been in overdrive, everything is possible! Firstly, 2018 brings an exciting collaboration with local publishers Henderson Greetings and Waterlyn. It has always been a dream of mine to design an affirmation card range featuring art from my heart. I’m so proud to be partnering with another business that really understands my dream and believes in the Lisa Pollock brand.

Lisa Pollock is exhibiting at Reed Gifts Fairs in Sydney, Stand P10.

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