Macramé gets a modern makeover with Hang It Designs

Although we might think of macramé as a relic of the 1970s, Melbourne brand Hang It Designs is part of a movement making the knotted craft cool again.

Jasmin Newham began her brand a year ago, after finding her house littered with macramé plant hangers she had been making as a hobby outside of her office job. “I decided to clear them out by starting my own ecommerce store,” she explains.

“Eventually orders were coming in quicker than I could make them and I was receiving so many positive comments and kind words from customers that I decided to go all in.”

She has since quit the corporate role and expanded Hang It’s collection to include the popular knot cushion (which got the brand a spot in the finals of the recent Innovation Pitchfest), plant pouches and digital prints.

“My biggest inspiration would have to be the limitless possibilities associated with the homeware design industry,” says Newham. “One simple idea led to multiple successful products and some very happy customers. It is a testament to what we can achieve if we keep pursuing our passion in life.”

Newham plans on expanding this even further, with prototypes for new products already in the works along with different colours for the existing range.

“We are also aiming to get our products into some of the larger Australian retail stores and eventually expand the business to sell overseas, which will contribute to the recognition of Australian designers around the world,” she says.

Hang It stands out in the crowded homewares market because while the quality of the product is high, Newham aims to keep the cost relatively low.

“There are so many hard working small business owners out there who know the challenges associated with producing good quality products at a reasonable price,” she says. “We take pride in our workmanship and try to ensure that every customer we sell one of our products to enjoys it so much that they keep coming back.

“As well as being beautiful, we want to ensure that our homewares are always affordable and accessible to the general public without compromising the quality or consistency of the product.”

One thing she won’t compromise on is the happiness her customers get from Hang It products. “My business serves as a constant reminder not to take life too seriously and that sometimes the simple things are all we need to experience a joyful life.”

By Ruth Cooper

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