Melbourne trio collaborates on new project

Did you know collaborating with others can be the key to happiness? A recent study has shown that almost 70 per cent of those said they were satisfied with their job stated they collaborated with people outside of their office at least one to two times a week.

Collaborating with other like-minded individuals can be an inspiring experience, while it also creates increased brand awareness to a more interesting and diverse final product, due to the combination of different people’s skills and abilities.

Design studio Capra Designs, photographer Josie Mackerras and stylist Tiarne Katona have joined forces to create a collection of photographs that explore each of their skills.

Capra Designs co-founder Bianca Lambert says she enjoys how the partnership can benefit all involved, bringing out results that may not have been able to be achieved individually.

“I love the concept of rising by lifting others,” she says. “If a collaboration is successful, everyone gets to elevate each other’s work. It also allows you to achieve outcomes you just wouldn’t be able to on your own.”

Indeed, Mackerras says the collaboration was an exciting opportunity and she loved the freedom the creative process afforded her.

“I’ve long been an admirer of Capra Designs, so was thrilled when Bianca was on board with the idea of a collaboration between myself and my wonderful friend and stylist Tiarne,” she says.

“Having the opportunity to create a concept to match Bianca’s beautiful pieces and then enjoying the creative freedom to shoot these lovely products in an abstract way was a joy.”

Capra Designs products range from 70s inspired plant holders to terrazzo coasters and design objects. The photographs feature the studio’s pieces placed next to complementary items and set against simple, block colour backgrounds.

There’s a minimalist warmth to the pictures, which incorporate earthy colours with plants and sliced up fruits to create an appealing, times-gone-by vibe, says stylist Katona.

“I loved working with the colour palette that Capra Designs use in their collections at the moment,” she says.

“I also had a lot of fun slicing up some of the summer fruit alongside Josie in the studio. We bounce ideas off each other during a day of shooting and have a lot of laughs, so it’s always a pleasure working together.” 

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