memobottle launches new sleeve colour at Life Instyle

memobottle has launched its latest silicone sleeve colour, moss green, to the market and proved to be a fan favourite at Life Instyle in Melbourne last week.

The colour was chosen after the brand sent out a survey to its customers and moss green was the most popular, adding to its other colours such as blue, coral, mandarin and black.

memobottle launched its first range of products on crowd funding platform Kickstarter in 2014 and surpassed its funding goal of $15K within 36 hours.

It was born from two main frustrations that co-founders Jonathan Byrt and Jess Leeworthy had encountered within society while growing up together.

“Growing up in a small coastal town in Australia, we were constantly spending time at the beach and outdoors,” says Leeworthy.

“We noticed an increase in the number of plastic water bottles that would wash ashore at our local beach and decided to look into it a little bit further. We had no idea how large this problem was initially and we were completely shocked at how, in a country that provides clean and accessible drinking water, people could buy single-use bottled water and pay over 1,400 times more than what it costs from the tap.

“We had also experienced the frustrations of trying to fit round water bottles into our bags. People put computers, books, iPads, etc, in their bags so we needed to redesign the waterbottle around those items. They take on the same dimensions as paper sizes including A5, A6 and A7.”

The A7 memobottle is the smallest of the range, making it ideal for clutches, pockets and is great for kids. All bottles are BPA-free and heatproof, freezer proof and dishwasher friendly. Lids are available in stainless steel, copper and matte black. A new stainless steel version of the memobottle is also on its way.

For every bottle memobottle sells, five months of clean water is provided to those in need.

“We work with a not-for-profit organisation called and so far we have donated over 22 million days of clean water to third world regions in parts of Asia, Africa and South America,” Leeworthy adds.

In the last couple of years the brand has expanded into accessories including desk stands, lid packs and sleeves.

“These are all designed to prolong the life of the memobottle, so you can enjoy and use it longer. We are also currently working on a bags range, which will be launched early next year. The bags will be nice and slim and fit the bottles perfectly. We will be introducing lunch boxes and coffee cups as well.”