Mother’s Day special: combining business & motherhood

We talk to mums whose kids were the inspiration for their business ventures. This week it’s Maggie Vaiopoulos, founder of My Little Perfect.

What inspired you to start the business?

The inspiration for My Little Perfect came from the birth of my son Will, now six. Having a background in Fine Arts and art teaching has definitely informed my design work with a particular emphasis on colour. When Will was a baby it gave me the opportunity to begin creating my own work again and to start drawing for the enjoyment of it and that’s how my whole creative journey started.

What makes your products unique?

Our products are unique in a lot of ways. The designs are all my original illustrations printed onto the fabrics we use for our children’s bedding and baby wraps. Our products are all designed, made and manufactured in Melbourne and carry the Australian Made logo. We aim to source organic and natural fibres to use in our children’s sheets and baby wraps. We are also big on giving back, so a percentage of our sales goes to the Australian Childhood Foundation.

Top tips for combining motherhood and a successful business?

Tip 1: Put yourself first

Tip 2: Be engaged with your children when you are not at work

Tip 3: Take each day one step at a time

Best advice your mother gave you?

Don’t expect anything and you’ll never be disappointed.

Best and/or worse Mother’s Day gift received?

Every present I’ve received to this day has been perfect! My first Prep Mother’s Day gift from Will included a pen, an adhesive card holder for the back of my phone and a game of Car Bingo (that was for himself!), haha.

What is the biggest lesson you’ve learned so far?

Follow your dreams, be committed and take risks. Be better before you are bigger. You have to have a go―it’s scary but worth the trip.

Future plans for the company?

At My Little Perfect we’re aiming for better. We’re committed to making our products not only beautiful and unique but to make sure we can provide parents with peace of mind that they are purchasing from a very considered brand who believes in giving back to the tiny people in our community.

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