New candle range ‘smells like work’

Working from home was one of the major trends that came out of Covid and while many want to continue WFH in 2022, there are plenty of people looking forward to their first day back in the office such as business founder Sabri Suby.

The owner of digital advertising agency, King Kong, and his staff worked from home for almost 600 days during the pandemic and he is launching one final wellness pack for (his) staff and clients in partnership with The Care Pack Co (founders of the lockdown 'Gladys' candle) to spark a little back-to-work nostalgia and excitement.

"Being based in Melbourne, we have been out of the office now for longer than any other city in the world and we're pumped to be reunited in the new year,” he enthuses.

“This little gift should ignite some excitement for things to come. Air con? My actual desk? The weird smell of the photocopier? I'm here for it.

“As much as the rest of the world has adapted to flexible, hybrid work spaces, I know deep down that my team and I still hold a flame for the office culture―we are desperate to get back. The gift was a subtle nod to everyday pleasantries that we often overlook.”

Designed to evoke the heavenly scents of daily office life and as a nod to the little things that you never knew you missed, the unique range of candles recalls the heady aromas of nabbing the best office chair, the feeling of strong, reliable WiFi signal and the excitement of your very first Zoom-free, face to face meeting, explains Suby.

“There are a few things that make these candles special, aside from the niche scents. Firstly, who wants to be reminded of work? Most people would say nobody, but contrary to popular opinion, I feel that while people have become comfortable working from home, there are some huge benefits of being back in the office that may have been forgotten.

“Such as, a regular change of scenery, more structure to your work-life balance, more steps and of course, office banter. Who doesn't miss a good old laugh with their colleagues? These candles are designed to get a giggle or two from those who decide to pick one up.”

The range includes Zoomless, WiFi, Office Chair, Photocopy, Stationery and Desk. “The office still remains part of our core workplace identity and it shouldn't be forgotten amid hybrid working plans. The office allows you to ‘shut the door’ on your work at the end of the day, instead of the ‘always on’ economy of working from home. This range of candles is the perfect thing to help fuel our burning desire to get back into the office.

“Smell is the biggest nostalgia and behaviour catalyst of the sensory bunch. It could be an ex-partner's cologne, your favourite restaurant's signature dish or even sunscreen from a holiday gone by. We have been out of the office for so long now that there may be some in-office scents that staff never really knew they missed?

“We are looking to spark both nostalgia and humour in equal measures, and even considered wafts like 'communal fridge' and 'tuna sambo', which (fortunately) didn't make the cut. We imagine a comfy swivel office chair to be a wild-ride aroma saddled with suspension and curve balls... But you'll have to purchase one to discover its true scent,” Suby says.