New lifestyle label launches to combat bullying

Bullying and body image issues are rife in today’s society and for Katie Rockliff this provided the perfect opportunity to launch her new brand Real Pretty Kind (RPK).

Combining a cool fashion aesthetic and more joy vibe, with compelling ethical values and durable, versatile pieces, this is the brand mums have been looking for she adds.

“We’ve got tweens back,” she explains. “Stereotypes as to what's pretty feed negative self-talk and bullying, and this needs to change.

“When we observed the rising anxiety, bullying and body shaming stats amongst our youth we made it our quest to bust the cycle of negativity we'd been witnessing. So we devised a label that exists to champion tween spirit by radiating positivity inside and out through streetwear with purpose.

“Adding more joy to the tweendom via cool fashion and content and busting those inner and outer bullies via our proud support to two incredible charities that we donate a percentage of profits to, to kick bullying and negative body image to the curb,” Rockliff says.

According to the Alannah & Madeline Foundation, one in four students report being bullied, and one in five report being cyber bullied. This can lead to anxiety, depression and other mental health issues. Meanwhile, The Butterfly Foundation’s reports indicate two in three people are teased specifically about appearance―approximately one in three young people are extremely concerned about body image and one in two people are holding themselves back from the things they enjoy because of it.

“We believe this has to change. That our young people should feel empowered to live their best lives with more joy and less of the rest. That's why Real Pretty Kind is beyond proud to be supporting these two incredible charities with a brand designed for every (tween) body where a percentage of RPK profits across our product range will be used to kick bullying and negative body image to the curb,” she enthuses.

RPK’s progressive, slow-to-go fast fashion operation model sees pieces drop in small quantities throughout the year with pieces available in all shapes and sizes.

Entering as a newbie into the fashion game, Rockliff felt strongly they had to bring something new and something positive to the table.

“Feeling good in your own skin is an essential part of Keeping it real and keeping it kind and of course, our idea of true pretty. So to really champion tweens, we knew our product’s job mustn’t be to hero itself but rather the tween inside. And this dictated our design and the causes our charity donations go to.

“Given bullying and negative body Image stats were such key concerns for tweens it was a no brainer to us. Our label needed to be less about us, and more of a symbol that tweens rep on the street to show they have each other’s backs, and are cheering each other on as part of living their best life. And that’s something we felt good about bringing to the table. A label we can (all) be proud of.”

RPK has a lifestyle range which includes wellness products and a growing gifts collection that champions self-care, kindness and togetherness in the tweendom.

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